Clinic Tour
Dundas University Health Clinic

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Dundas University Health Clinic

Front view of Dundas University Health Clinic

Foyer view of Dundas University Health Clinic

View of clinic from the foyer and security desk of the building.

Clinic Reception

Welcome to clinic reception-Dundas University Health Clinic

Ground Floor

Chiropractic Treatment

Looking into a chiropractic treatment room-Office Dr. Mitch Ormond.

Ground Floor Treatment Rooms

Hallway to more ground floor treatment rooms.

Stairs and Foot Clinic

Foot clinic and stairway to the upper floor.

Foot Clinic

Foot clinic.

Massage Therapy Room

Looking towards the massage therapy room above clinic reception from the stairs.

Upper Floor Lounge

View of the upper floor lounge.

Massage Therapy Room

View of massage therapy treatment room number two.

Shiatsu and Alternative Therapy

Treatment room for Shiatsu and Alternative therapies.

Building Foyer View

View of building foyer from upper floor of clinic.

Upper Floor Lounge

Looking back towards the stairs to the ground floor.

Clinic Reception

Views of University Ave., St. Patrick subway, and clinic reception.

Clinic Exit-St. Patrick Subway Access

View of clinic exit to St. Patrick subway station access.

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