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Shoulder Pain

Pain over the back of the shoulder, shoulder blade, across the upper back, that sometimes includes symptoms into the arm is one of the most common conditions that I treat in my practice.

Putting a hand over your shoulder to ease pain seem familiar? Help is here.
Help is here!
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regaining freedom.

Most upper back and shoulder pain results from postural strain due to chronic, static forward postures on a daily basis.

Examples include sitting at a desk, computer work, walking with your head down, slouching forward whether sitting or standing, anywhere and anytime. These are just a few simple examples of the daily, static, postural stress that we endure. Cumulative postural stress builds up chronic tension in muscles and creates joint stiffness through the upper back, thoracic spine, and especially the ribs. This all leads to achy pain radiating out over the back, neck, shoulders, and sometimes the arms.

Shoulder and upper back pain can also be complicated when the rotator cuff becomes involved.

Typical pain referral for the rotator cuff is the top and front of the shoulder as well as pain into the upper, outer portion of the arm towards the elbow and even the hand. Thus, it is important to effectively diagnose upper back and shoulder problems to really get to the root cause of the pain being generated.

The good news is that these problems respond extremely well with chiropractic treatment.

One treatment builds on the next to regain function in the spine, shoulder, and soft tissues. The outcome is improved health, getting rid of pain, and improving posture. Effective daily posture is a key factor in helping to keep tension off the body and improve overall health for the long term.

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