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Dr. Ormond is committed to developing a site that is fast loading, straightforward to navigate, easy to read, pleasant to view, and contains information that is accessible by users with disabilities.

Pages in this site:

Information about Dr. Mitch Ormond and Dundas University Health Clinic

Services provided by Dr. Mitch Ormond

Other integrated services offered at the clinic

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Commitment to Accessibility

Responsibility for making accessible web content is taken seriously by Dr. Mitch Ormond with regards to the torontochiropractor.ca site. Dr. Evans is committed to developing a site that promotes accessibility to information for people with disabilities and meets current accessibility standards as defined by the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

As the World Wide Web grows ever more broad and complex, people with disabilities may be blocked from exploring information, opportunities for communication, taking part in commerce, and involvement in community if the information on web sites is not accessible to them. Dr. Evans believes accessibility is the right of all individuals and is committed to developing a site that meets at least the minimum, and more, of Priority levels 1, 2, and 3 accessibility standards as set out by the W3C's WCAG guidelines.

Site features

This site allows for printer friendly versions of the main content of each page. Simply select print from the file menu of your browser. Each page has skip links to it's main content and to the main navigation bar. Also, important links on each page have access keys associated with them.

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